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Our Current product offerings include the items below, some products may not currently be listed. We also welcome inquiries for new development.

Part NumberItemDescription
IND-WRU-Mind-wru-mWireless I/O Master unit:

Primary interface between the server PC and the leaky feeder system. This unit contains Transmit and Receive radios and modem card Unit. Ships with Serial cable, RF cables, 12 VDC cable.
IND-WRU-003ind-wru-003Wireless I/O Remote Unit

This unit is the Remote interface to the ventilation fan starter but can be wired to almost any piece of equipment requiring START/STOP and RUN STATUS monitoring. The WRU-003 is equipped with 2 Digital Outputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 1 Analog Input & 1 Analog Output. The remote units ships with magnetic antenna w/ 10’ coax cable and 8 Pin Woodhead interconnect cable.
IND-WRU-4AIind-wru-4aiWireless Remote Unit

With its 4 Analog Inputs and 4 Digital Inputs, this unit is designed to interface with various analog devices such as Toxic Gas Transmitters and Temperature Transmitters
to give the operator the flexibility of using this unit as the base for an Air Quality Station.
IND-WRU-003-GXX / IND-WRU-4AI-GXXind-wru-003-gxxIND-WRU-003-GXX

Wireless I/O Remote Unit c/w Toxic Gas Transmitter This unit is the basic IND-WRU-003 complete with Conspec Gas Transmitter


Wireless Remote Unit c/w Toxic Gas Transmitter This unit is the basic IND-WRU-4AI complete with Conspec Gas Transmitter

CN03-XXcn03-xxThe CN03-XX is a simple yet smart gas detector that is easily interfaced to the IND-WRU-003 and the IND-WRU-4DI units
When ordering the Gas Transmitter Units please specify GAS TYPE (XX)
02-Carbon Dioxide
03-Carbon Monoxide
07-Hydrogen Chloride
08-Hydrogen Sulfide
09-Nitric Oxide
10-Nitrogen Dioxide
13-Sulfur Dioxide
IND-SERV-R8ind-serv-r8Dell Power Edge Server

( Windows Server 2008 ),Rack-Mount, DVD ROM, SATA
2GB,1x2G,1333MHz,1R,UDIMM 500G 7K SATA,3.5,CB
Ships Loaded with ( IND-I/O- SYS.)
IND-I/O-SYSind-io-sysThis software is the heart of the Indus-Comm wireless control package.

It is used to:
· Set systems settings, poll timing and sequence
· Configuration Tool to Add and Delete Remote Units along with address assignment and changes
· Modbus Diagnostics, Board Monitor and much more.
· Modbus TCP protocol makes this an ideal gateway for virtually any SCADA packages available on the market today
IND-TADAind-tadaIND-TADA Software is a small SCADA HMI package designed to view and control
remote units on any PC.
This software package can view and control up to 198 remote units (IND-WRU-003)
Portable Signaling Unit

The IND-WSS-PORT-002 portable signaling device was designed to communicate with the existing Indus-Comm signaling packages. This unit incorporates a 7Ah battery, 80dBA buzzer c/w indicator light, a heavy duty push button and can be equipped with some I/O at client’s request. It is equipped with an array of magnets on the reverse side for easy and quick mounting and a fully charged battery will give the operator a full 24 hr. of operation.