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Part NumberItemDescription
208000A01F060control-box-interface-cable8 Pin Female Straight Cord, 6', 16 AWG
Cable interface for connecting to Fan Starter or other devices
( One unit supplied with IND-WRU-003 )
Can be ordered in other lengths ( Please call for lengths and pricing)
2R8006A20A120photo-38 Pin Male Straight Receptacle, 12" Leads, 16 AWG
IND-RAD-IOphoto-4OEM Radio Unit with I/O interface card
Unit comes in :
VHF: 136 - 174 MHz
UHF: 450 - 470 MHz
RG-BN-XXXant-1Magnetic Antenna
XXX= 1520 ( 150-162 MHz )
XXX= 1620 ( 162-174 MHz )
XXX- WB ( WideBand 136-174 MHz )
WRU-KEYfullsizerenderKey for all WRU Enclosures
CSMNB25MM-2.5photo-325 Pin Male – Male Data Cable
Found in WRU Version 1 & 2
5742-2photo-325 Pin Connector Breakout Box
Found in WRU Version 1 & 2
S8VS03012photo-1bOmron 12 VDC Power Supply
Found in all Versions of WRU
IND-INTERFACE.V3photo-1Interface board found in all IND-WRU-003 units
This unit ships with all input and output relays
2966197img_1448Phoenix Contact 120 VAC Relay
2966906img_1448Phoenix Contact 12 VDC Relay
RT314615photo-1Plug In Relay 120 VAC, 16A, SPDT
RTH14012photo-1Plug In Relay 12 VDC, 16A, SPDT
9101503500fullsizerender-1Circuit Breaker 2A, Din Rail Mount
04191162img_1463Ribbon D Sub Data Cable
Found in all IND-WRU-003 units
30-9510-999-pin-serialDB9 Female / Male Data Cable 10'
To Connect IND-WRU-M master unit to IND-SERVER-R8
AFM60US12mfg_afm60Power Supply for IND-WRU-M master unit.
Typically used when there is no master DC supply in the system
Input: 100-240 VAC - 1.5 A - 50-60 Hz
Output: 12.0 VDC - 5A
HKN-4137AcableDC Power Cable for IND-WRU-M Master Unit
415-0054-024jumperCoaxial Jumper Cable, RG58, 24"
Found in all WRU Remote Units
150-100-55img_1488Warning Light for local indication on IND-WRU units equipped with gas detection.
This would give a local indication of high level alarm
Please call for installed pricing
IND-TEST-WRUimg_1472Test set for earlier version remote units.
Newer WRU-003 have local indicators in the units
UP-99-00img_1482Conspec Infrared Hand Held Programmer
SENS-CUPfullsizerenderCalibration Adapter Cup
P1830-2fullsizerenderReplacement Sensor ( CO ) One Piece Housing
For all other Gases ( Please Call )
CX035203fullsizerender-2Replacement Sensor ( CO )
For all other gases ( Please Call )
P1879-COcal-gasCal Gas Kit ( CO )
Contains CO Gas Cylinder, Clean Air Cylinder, Adapter Hose, Regulator, Case
For all other Gases ( Please Call )
IND-KEY-ACCkey-accThe IND-KEY-ACC small circuit board programmed with a unique ID and activated
by use of a secure key.
This accessory can be used on any PC using our TADA software to give the user the
ability to lock out some templates from being activated by un-authorized personnel.
Example: ( Stench panels equipped with Wireless Remote Units can be viewed by
many to monitor status but can only be activated by the PC with Key Access )
ATTENUATOR-XXfullsizerender-1In-Line Attenuator for various applications. Available in several DB levels.